Hey!!  We have so much to be thankful for!  God has truly blessed the ministry in so many ways. Have ya’ll been able to follow us on Facebook?  We have been posting pictures very frequently of all our happenings.  Most of the pics and comments are either on Jeff or my page.  Jeff Jones or Jill Brothers Jones.  I know I blogged shortly after we got here, but so much has already transpired that I’m behind again.  I really have to get into a routine of posting every week.  I probably could post more often than that, but I’m working on it.  Ya’ll bear with me!  I probably would think that my posts are so inadequate if I really knew who all was reading my posts.  I actually try to do my best and not think about the audience, but just write as if I’m having a personal conversation with one of you in our living room.  This makes me feel a lot more at ease when I write down thoughts and share about our ministry.  I hope ya’ll are able to enjoy that approach.  Lol!

I’m going to give ya’ll the run down in bullet point form I think this time!  Otherwise, this post could go on forever!!

–     We have been getting setlled in here!  Loving it!!  We love the home that God so graciously provided for us.  We are house sitting for another missionary here!  Our home is wonderful!  We are so thankful that we could step into a fully furnished home with everything we need other than our clothes so that we can take time to find our own home to rent and furnish.

–     We have been looking for furniture.  There is another missionary family that is relocating to Bolivia from the DR and are selling their stuff.  We have purchased 8 items from them that include a stove, washer, three ceiling fans, toaster, coffee pot, and microwave.  We also spent this week looking for other pieces of furniture.  We still have a ways to go, but little by little!

–     Our first team came this past week!  This was super amazing to see God’s hand move in incredible ways!!  We had so much fun!  We had a group of 12 come from Dawsonville, GA, War Hill Church.  Here is just a tiny clip of what God accomplished last week!  We were able to …

–   Go into 3 Haitian/Dominican Barrios that our feeding center reaches out to and pass out invitations to come to the feeding center, play soccer and games with the kids, paint finger/toe nails, hand out gospel tracts, tell kids about the story of Jesus, have an on the spot medical clinic fixing boo boos, and giving and showing love to over 150 kids in one day.  We had one child, Emilee, trust Jesus on this day.

mission team 2015 pic 2  mission team 2015 pic

–   Serve in a Batey which is a predominently Haitian community again showing the love of Jesus, handing out wordless bracelets and sharing the plan of salvation, picking up and hugging on kids that did not even know where their parents were … the neighbors didn’t know either … and giving lots of hugs.  We changed dirty diapers and purchased more clean ones.  We performed an “outpatient” surgery … little girl with skin on a cut that needed to be removed, doctored, and bandaged up.  We had a line of boo boos that day to mend and lots of hugs to give. We played games, painted nails, gave out water and candy.  The best part was knowing we had the answer to share with them on the ONE who will always love them and care for them and knowing that the Jones family is here to stay and care for these kids.  So excited about that!!

mission team 2015 pic 7

–   Show the team a bit of the countryside, beach, and mountains in the Dominican.  Teaching them about life here and showing them the absolute beauty of the country alongside the desperate needs of the people.

–   Paint the entire Haitian church that we partner with.  This is where we hold the feeding center program.  It turned out wonderful!!  So glad to be able to get the church looking good.  Not only will the church be painted, but the roof repaired so that it doesn’t leak when it rains, cement work and patching done, ceiling fixed, and cement stairs put in.  Now that’s a good day!!

–   Fed around 300 kids at the feeding program!  This is an all time record.  We ran out of room to house the kids and ran out of food to feed them.  We had to run to the colmado and buy crackers, chips, cookies, etc to feed some of the boys who didn’t get a plate of food.  A fight broke out amongst the boys while passing out drinks due to not passing them out quick enough, although we were going as fast as we could.  Lol!  Next time we will have to feed in shifts.  A good problem to have.  Praise God for our team that put on the program for the kids, told them about Jesus  … approx. 40-50 prayed to ask Jesus to save them.  Another praise that Pastor Shane’s team of 34 from South Carolina came and did a prayer walk in the community during the feeding program.  Praise God for this as we needed the prayer and strength to handle all these kids.

mission team 2015 pic 6   mission team 2015 pic 5

–     Jeff was invited to share about the Dominican and Transform365 on an Atlanta christian radio station 91.5.  This was an amazing experience for Jeff and the ministry to be able to get the word out live on the air about what God has called our family to do and share about the Dominican Republic.

mission team 2015 pic 3  mission team 2015 pic 4  Pics with Corrie, who was on the War Hill team, and was instrumental in getting Jeff on the air to share about the Dominican and Transform365.

Jeff and I say all the time.  We are so thankful to be here.  We love being here in the Dominican Republic.  We love what God has called us to do!

I know I’ve still left some things out I’m sure, but definitely some really exciting things that God has brought about.  We are seeing His hand move and so thankful for this!

In closing, we ask prayer for several people/kids that God has laid dearly on my heart to minister to. Please pray for …

1- facebook_1437258129232 (1) a little girl under 2 with a cleft palate that needs surgery.  Pray that we can direct her to a doctor that could do this

2- a little girl around 5 that needs desperate attention medically.  IMG_20150711_140832613

3- a little girl named Amy in the batey that did not have a mom any where in site to care for her when we were there that day.  She is just over a year old wondering the streets of the batey by herself.

4- a little girl in the batey that needs special prayer for her situationmission team 2015 pic 8

5- Franscesca, who runs our feeding center program, has just been diagnosed with diabetes. She is around 30 years old and we’d like to get her checked out to make sure she is receiving the medical attention she needs.

Love, hugs, and prayers for ya’ll, our team, who holds us up in prayer and financial support!  We can’t make it without you!!

Jeff, Jill, Jessica, Jami Jo, and Judith Anne

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