Another Step Forward!!!

As I write this we are waiting to leave to pick up a young lady that God brought to us just over a year ago.  Really cool Jesus story … last summer we were standing in La Sirena (store here in Santiago) with our team that had just arrived and I have to admit I was a bit zoned out.  You know one of those times when you are standing there, but you are really in your happy place.  Lol!  All of a sudden, I hear, “Where are you from?”  That brought me back to earth and I turn around to see another team from the States standing there and amazed to see other Americans.  We began talking and sharing and really were not there more than 5 to 10 minutes, but before we left a girl by the name of Reagan said may I have your contact information I’d really like to come see you guys and find out more about your ministry.  To be honest, I really didn’t think much about it.  We had heard that before and had dismissed the comment thinking that sounds nice, but we probably won’t hear anything back from her.  But I was wrong!!!  We had not been back in the States long from returning from our last summer mission trip that Reagan sent me the sweetest email.  That began a year long Skype relationship of hearing her heart and where God had her and what our ministry entailed.  Would you know that this Reagan is who we are going to pick up from the airport right now!  What a God thing!  He orchestrates everything.  We have seen this almost everyday here.  I love seeing God move and work.  Please pray for us this week as we serve alongside Reagan and work on learning the legal side of helping the kids here.  Reagan is studying to be a lawyer.  So she has come to help us advance the ministry.  Praise God!!



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