Education?? What’s that? Three more children …

know what that is thanks to your generous gifts!!

Hello friends!!  Missed talking with you!  We have been staying hopping around here.  All kinds of wonderful things happening!  It is so amazing to see the hand of God every day!  God has brought people into our path – I say God has because you see His had all over the situation.  I like to compare it to a game of chess or checkers.  We are pawns in His hand and when we are obedient to His plan we get the privilege of experiencing all kinds of blessings.  God just picks us up and picks someone else up and says (in my terms) bloop, bloop, bloop you are going to meet these people and be forever changed and helped in this way.  Can you just picture God picking us up and like a game of checkers jumping and skipping us across the board of life to be just at the place, I mean, the second that someone else is to be there to help us accomplish His plan. We have met other missionaries on paths serving the Lord and we have seen how we can help each other, we have seen God move in people’s hearts to give toward “our” precious girls get enrolled in school (now understand that when I refer to “our” I don’t mean our biological children, but those precious children that God has brought into our path to care for.  I call them mine!  I do get a bit possessive! Lol)    Let me give you a few examples …

We met another family in a restaurant … we were the only two families in this restaurant, and found out about a Spanish tutor that we were desperately in need of.  Also, found out from this family of a possible move that they may make and their home could be available to rent.  It seems like a great fit for the start of the rescue base.  We have talked to a Dominican family that wants to hire Jessica at their business and they love her.  This same family has property not far from Santiago that we could possibly rent and start our first safe house, farming and agriculture endeavors to support the rescue base with food and income.  The Lord out of super crazy circumstances via Facebook messenger and emails found a van to purchase!!!  We went looking for a vehicle in one direction and got totally rerouted in another resulting in the purchase of our “new” van or gua gua as the Dominican’s like to call them.  It is 10 years old, but with only 75,000 miles on it.  It’s in good shape and has become the most recent addition to the Jones family.  Our vehicles always become members of the family with names, etc.  We are still deciding with a family vote to follow what the name of this van will be.  To be announced later.  God directed us to a chiropractor here in the DR.  I was dealing with my normal migraines and neck issues.  We have just started seeing him and hopefully this will be a huge blessing.  So far so good!!  My last post was about Reagan.  She came and stayed with us and helped us learn more about the legal matters of human trafficking here in the DR!  We were able to show her what the Lord has laid on our hearts to do here and she is going to helping us with legal matters.  She has returned to finish her law degree in the States and also spend some time doing research on prevention, rescues, and prosecution of cases here in the DR.  We are getting our feet firmly planted on the ground here and so excited to see each day how God directs.  Jeff, the girls, and I feel so honored to be used in this way!!

Let me take a moment to elaborate and share some pics with you of the three girls!  Last Monday, August 17th was the first day of school.  We took the girls shopping for their uniforms and black shoes that they are required to wear for school.  We had so much fun taking them shopping.  We started out shoe shopping.  We bought them one pair of black loafer shoes and one pair of black tennis shoes that are required for PE class.  Then bought some socks and off to get a super fun snack of ice cream.  This was an occasion to celebrate … getting them enrolled into school for the very first time in their life.  To Bendjina and Fransesca, they had been waiting for 3 and 4 years.  All three girls are enrolled into kindergarten.  Please pray for Bendjina and Fransesca as they are 8 and 9 years old in kindergarten with their little sister who is 5.  I pray that no other children tease them or that they don’t feel awkward.  Lastly, we headed to La Sirena to buy each of the girls two uniforms a piece.  So two light blue collared shirts and two khaki skirts, and a pair of PE pants.  We were trying on clothes left and right.  I had lots of fun getting them all fixed up with their clothes.  We also got each of them a backpack and all their school supplies.  We had quite a hefty bill when it was all said and done, but again God has heard that need and answered with some of you reaching out and sending money to help the girls.  What a huge blessing and answered prayer!!!  I can see why these parents are struggling with no job to provide for their kids there is no hope of them being able to purchase all the items needed to get their kids in school.  We figured that the expense just for clothing and shoes was about $100 per child, then you still have school supplies, school fees, backpacks, and activity fees even though public school itself is free.  I want to include pics of the girls with all their items and beaming faces.  We were also able to provide the girls and their dad with toiletry items that we received the day that we went to purchase all their school stuff.  What was that about God’s timing?  We gave toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc.  VERY COOL!  The only need that remains for the girls is that daddy Willie does not know how to do the girls hair for school every day and get them all dressed and off to school … cooking them breakfast, etc. So tomorrow morning, Lord willing, Jeff and I are going to interview a girl that is willing to go in the morning to get the girls off to school.  Of course, she needs to be paid so we are trying to work through the details of all that and see how much we will need to pay her.  So our latest need is get funding for care of the girls in the morning and possible after school if Willie has a job and is not home. This would NOT have been possible without you guys catching the vision, seeing the need, listening to the Lord calling, and most of all GIVING!!

IMG_20150817_070309654IMG_20150817_070102901_HDRIMG_20150817_073128799IMG_20150814_151620385First day of school!!!                                               Eating some awesome ice cream!!



I could just eat them up, couldn’t you?  So precious!!

So honored to be in the Lord’s service!!!

Love, Jeff, Jill and girls

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